7 Best Construction Estimating Tips To Save Your Money

7 Best Construction Estimating Tips To Save Your Money

We are informing you 7 best construction estimating tips if you are doubtful about the importance of accurate construction cost estimating. If you guess the right estimate, then it will give you a good profit. If you guess wrong, then it is going to take away your money. The right estimate is a very tricky and important thing that should not be ignored before starting the construction of a project.

One of the helpful tools during the process is the construction management software. As the world is moving toward advancement, the same we have to resolve our problems. The software provides us the right estimate as compared to manual estimation.

If you are a person who wants to save his money with accurate estimating, then below seven tips will be very helpful for you:

1- Set Proper Plan with your Customers

One of the common pitfalls in the construction industry is when the customer’s idea turns out to be very different as compared to your construction cost estimate. It is important for a person to write down the project details to set up a good plan.

Here actual plans do not mean drawings. You must know that drawing the basic concept is not enough on which you and your customers can agree. You will need a plan that will have the all-important details of your project on which your customer should be agreed.

1- Set Proper Plan with your Customers - Best Construction Estimating Tips

Remember that if you are not taking all the essential measures, then you are just going to make your customer angry at the end of the process. This will happen and you can’t get rid of it if you don’t take proper steps at the start.

2- Go with the Unit Cost Estimating Method

There is no doubt that stick estimates are very much time-consuming. In the process, you have to list all the things that include required permits, sub-contractors, materials, and finally the cost of all the things involved in the project. To complete this, you might time of weeks.

But what if best construction estimating tips will describe you that there is a faster way to get the work done on time and accurate. The unit cost method is two times faster than the stick estimating and you don’t have to worry about the accuracy.

2- Go with the Unit Cost Estimating Method

Unit costing includes the following steps:

  • You will combine all the line items for the job.
  • You will have to attach the unit cost for each line item.
  • Gather all your numbers and get it checked by the second parties such as consultants who are experts in construction or a construction manager.

After this, you will apply a markup. With this, you will be able to get the quote to your customer in a week if you are doing the things right. Get in touch with a professional construction cost estimator for the right estimate.

3- Don’t Ignore Labour Costs

Don’t forget to include the labor cost in your estimate. You have to add the number of hourly rates for your laborers. Here the experience of your labor can make a difference in how many hours they are going to finish the work.

During the process, you need to hire a sub-contractor or remolding contractor depending on the project and you have to figure out the accurate hourly rate when you are going to hire the expert labor craftsman. The amount should include the federal and state payroll cost other than the benefits and wages.

3- Don’t Ignore Labour Costs - Best Construction Estimating Tips

It is best to break down your expected labor costs. You have to evaluate a similar project to get the idea and then you can compare it with the project costs per square foot.

4- Get Assistance When Needed

No one is perfect! One of the important reasons behind the wrong estimate is lack of expertise. When you are going to create a high detailed cost estimate of your project, then you need to be an expert construction estimator in it. If don’t have the right expertise, then you will have to suffer a lot.

4- Get Assistance When Needed

If you don’t have the right expertise, then it is best to use templates or predefined modules to fill your expertise gaps. With the help of these, you can reduce your chance of unforeseen costs during the construction cost estimate. Furthermore, if you still need assistance from an expert, then you get in touch with the sub-contractors or contractors to a correct estimate in areas where you are not an expert. If you need an expert MEP estimator, connect with a professional estimating company in your area.

5- Apply Process to Your Sub Contractor

Similar to you, a subcontractor might miss the mark with their cost estimates. It will be best for you to review all your subcontractor’s quotes and pass them to a similar process just like you did with your cost estimate. Ensure that you compare the quotes of more than sub-contractors.

5- Apply Process to Your Sub Contractor - Best Construction Estimating Tips

Remember that you don’t just select the cheapest. A subcontractor that will provide you a detailed estimate will be the least expensive in the long run. You should be aware of the underbidders because they will be cheap for a reason.

6- Stay Connected with Material Suppliers

Material cost estimation is rough because the price will be dependent on the market conditions. If you are going to work on a big project estimate, then you should reach out to your supplier for the right estimate.

6- Stay Connected with Material Suppliers

The supplier will alert you if there will be any unexpected rise in the price of materials in the coming months. This information can help you save hundreds of dollars.

7- Buy Good Construction Estimating Software

You might have many tools with you so it is best to use them for the benefit. It is recommended to pick the best construction estimating software for an accurate estimate to avoid the problems. Select the software that has a five-star rating in the market.

7- Buy Good Construction Estimating Software


These were the seven helpful tips that will help you in saving your money during the construction cost estimating.

Want to get an exact and on-time estimate for your construction project? Get in touch with a commercial building estimator for the correct estimate. The expert will take help of software for the right results.