Construction Engineering Management

A Complete Guide to the Construction Engineering Management: Professional Skills and Responsibilities

In recent times, the scope and methods of construction have seen a major shift in terms of approach and functionality. That is to say, when we talk about the complex processes of construction estimating services, design and building, material takeoffs and site monitoring, certain sets of complexities are present there. Although these are part of the process, however, it is quite difficult to manage them at one time.

The management of construction activities is quite a task. We have many concerned professionals at the construction sites to do the job. Contractors and builders often perform the duties of monitoring and communicating. Engineers of the specific fields must also be present there. Designers, architects, construction estimators are an integral part of the process. When we talk about the monitoring process of construction activities, we often attribute it to the job of contractors.

However, we often seem to have a blur idea of construction monitoring and construction management. That is to say, both these terms differ as much in meaning as in scope. Hence, the professionals are different for both these disciplines.

The difference between construction monitoring and construction management is very small yet very significant. To put it in an example for better understanding, you cannot ask the contractors to perform an effective and accurate construction estimating service. Similarly, you cannot expect the designers to perform the work of the engineers. It is the case with monitoring and management. Although monitoring is a part of management as the estimating is somewhat a concern for the contractor. However, there are construction-engineering managers to perform the tedious task of management.

The focus of this blog post is to make sure that you understand that difference and the nuances that are in association with the concept. In addition to that, we are going to list the professional skills and abilities of the construction-engineering managers in order for you to have a complete set of knowledge regarding these. With that information, you will be able to deploy the workforce in a more efficient manner on your site. It also encourages better management of resources.

What is Construction Engineering management?

The concept of construction engineering management finds its roots in the dual processes of engineering and management as the name depicts. It is a blend of both these disciplines. That is to say, CEM focuses on the application of technical knowledge to the construction projects.

The engineering part deals with design and scientific knowledge. Whereas, the management part focuses on overseeing and monitoring the construction activities. As we have discussed in the introduction, management and monitoring are different yet linked in a very productive way. Management involves the coordination of construction estimators and contractors.

Construction Engineering Manager:

The person who performs the duties under the auspices of construction engineering management is called a construction-engineering manager. These professionals must have a complete set of knowledge in the fields of engineering and construction as well as in management. Moreover, they must have distinct ideas of how construction estimating services work.

Professional skills and expertise of a construction-engineering manager:

Since our focus is to make sure that you make the best possible decision for your construction projects, we are going to list the important professional skills that an engineering manager must-have. It is so that you can make an informed decision when hiring for your project.

Knowledge of building codes, construction laws and regulations:

You must never ignore an extremely important detail. That is, the engineering manager must have full knowledge of building codes, construction laws, and concerning regulations. This gives you the idea of the capability of the manager. If the manager does not have sufficient knowledge, your project is likely to suffer just more than delays. In order to avoid any unfortunate situation, ask your manager questions related to these disciplines.

Ability to do the job of construction estimators:

Why are we including this in the list of professional skills? The reason being the need for it. When it comes to the total cost of the project, they must pay attention to the important and intricate details. You have the professional construction estimators at your disposal for the job. However, it is only in your benefit to have your manager equip with this information. They must be able to consider the labor, equipment, and material costs when doing estimates.

Effective communication for timely completion of the project:

The work of managers is to communicate the details of tasks and responsibilities among the workers and the professionals. That is to say, they are responsible for matching the timelines and completing the work according to the schedules. Their strong grip on the analytical and problem-solving skills is necessary for the project.

Responsibilities of a construction-engineering manager:

When we talk about different workers involved in the process of construction, we have the idea of responsibilities that they carry out. We are aware of the responsibilities of construction estimators. They have to carry out construction estimating services in the most effective ways. Similarly, the job of designers is to provide error-free and practical design ideas for the building of modules. In addition to that, the job of the contractor is to make sure that the project sees the day of completion. All of them have their own specific natures of the job.

The responsibilities of a manager are more diverse and important in nature. They have to perform collective sets of duties. That is to say, they perform the work of construction estimators, engineers, designers as well as the contractors.

A detailed account of their responsibilities is as below:


Although most of their work is office-based, however, the nature of their job requires them to pay frequent visits to the sites. Moreover, they also work with the labor present on the site. They also monitor the course of construction work and hence, run detailed site analysis in order to understand how much of the work has seen the completion phase. IT is like keeping a check on construction activities for timely completion.

Reporting of the site dynamics before the construction starts:

An engineering manager must run the site analysis before the start of the construction. That is to say, they have to communicate the site dynamics and address the issues if there persist any on the site. They run the feasibility check as well. They undertake important details related to the environment, laws, and regulations. Their responsibilities include the reporting of all these important aspects keeping the concerned authorities informed regarding the site conditions.

The complete knowledge of construction engineering management revolves around the skills and responsibilities of the managers. As we know the construction estimating services revolve around the services by the estimators. This guide is going to help you in making informed decisions regarding the hiring of managers as well as the process of management. Hence, you can complete your project on time and without the threats of delay due to the lack of important information.