A Brief Guide About Construction Project Managment Processes

A Guide Regarding Construction Project Management Process

Construction project management process is the backbone of any project. A project manager needs some specific skills for completing the project. Other than this, he will be looking at the relationship with the different teams. It is a fact that constant changes are done in the construction projects so the project management is the key to the stability of the entire procedure.

In the following blog, we will look at the vital concepts and principles that are present around the construction management services.

Meaning of Construction Project Management (CPM)?

Construction project management is defined as the regulation, direction, and supervision needed by a project from start to completion. The ultimate goal of the construction project management is the satisfaction of the client’s demands in terms of functionality and budget estimate. For your information, there is a wide range of construction project types that include residential, commercial, industrial, and heavy civil projects.

The primary concept of construction project management is closely tied with technical parameters such as budget and execution. But this requires proper communication between all the agents that include the contractors, stakeholders, and community.

Role of a Construction Project Manager

The role of the construction project manager is responsible for all the coordination, planning, budgeting, and supervision of the projects from the start to the end. In short, a construction project manager will be looking after the following things:

  • Defining the budget and negotiation about the cost estimates
  • Arranging the working timetables
  • Use of effective method and strategies
  • Get in touch with clients for work or budget-related problems
  • Looking at the technical and contract details with workers and other parties
  • Monitoring the personnel in construction onsite
  • Cooperating with building and construction specialists

Role and Duties of Contractor

The construction project manager will be hiring the contractor of the project once the design of the project is completed. Sometimes, this will happen when the project is still in the development phase. The selection is dependent on the auction process with the various contractors.

Low-bid selection, best-value selection, and qualification-based selection are three important methods to select the right contractor.

The contractors need to deal with budget issues, deadlines, quality management, public safety, decision making, human resources, working drawings, and mathematics. Furthermore, to get the right estimate, you need to connect with the construction estimator.

Primary Functions of Construction Project Management

Construction management will be doing different functions. The most important roles are summarized as follows:

  1. Defining goals and the planning that include the drawing of scope, budgeting, scheduling, and selection of the project participants.
  2. Increasing resource effectiveness via the acquisition of the workforce and all the necessary equipment.
  3. Performance of different work through coordination and management of contracting, estimating, planning, designing, and construction during the entire process.
  4. Efficient development and proper communication between the agents for the solution of problem if any.

Principles of Construction Project Management

There is no secret that construction project management is a complex field. There are some fundamental principles that a person should keep in mind:

The process will start with the bids. Below are the two types of bids:

1- Open bid

These bids are connected to public projects. This is an auction where any contractor is able to make his offer. An open bid is openly promoted.

2- Closed bid

Private projects are dependent on the closed bids. In this, specific contractors will be contacted to send the bid invitation.

After getting bids for the particular project, the owner will move toward the selection of the contractor via below three methods:

Low-bid selection: The entire focus here is on the price. The construction management companies will present the lowest bids which will be open to complete the project. The project owner will be selecting the lowest offer and they will proceed to the next step.

Best value selection: The owner will be selecting the most appealing bid in terms of quality and money.

Qualifications-based selection: The current method is used when qualifications are one of the criteria for the selection of the construction management company. A request for qualifications will be helping the owner for acquiring further information related to the experience and the project organization’s competency of the contractor.

Types of Contracts

After the completion of the procedure, the type of contract comes into the picture. The four types of contract are:


2-Unit price

3-Cost-plus fee

4-Guaranteed maximum price

Project Management Processes

The bidding process is completed. Now all the people involved in the project will start the construction.  Generally, there is a standard life cycle for a project irrespective of its special characteristics. The four basic stages are:

  1. Project initiation
  2. Planning phase
  3. Execution phase
  4. Closing phase

Budget in Construction Project Management

Defining the budget is one of the integral parameters when you are starting a construction project. The estimation of construction cost will be quite challenging. But if you will do it, then this will be a key to success. According to the rule of thumb, below are the four basic parameters that a project manager should know:

  1. Analysis of the project
  2. Estimation of the budget
  3. Monitoring of the cost
  4. Accounting


This was all about the construction project management process and the things included in the overall process. A person has to make a great effort for completing a construction project. There are different kinds of parameters and elements that need to be analyzed properly. It is very important for the management to use the construction management software to make your life easy. This will save your time and will provide you an opportunity to finish your construction project.

Moving on, if you are still looking for the correct estimate for your residential or commercial projects, then contact a skilled estimating company to get the quick estimate. The experts will look at the project and they will use the advanced software to provide the right estimate. With an accurate estimate, you can start your construction phase without any further delay.