Architectural CAD Drafting Services

World Estimating is a remarkable CAD Drafting platform with diverse architectural drafting services for different residential and commercial buildings. We are a global architectural drafting services provider dedicated to building construction and architectural design firms of different sizes. We can accommodate single villas to commercial building projects that include general layouts, plan elevations and sections.

We deal with architects that can outsource drafting work from reliable CAD designers who fully understand the architectural design and construction values of commercial and residential building designs. Our professional architectural CAD drafter team manages to deal with clients through extensive experience of utilizing different software like AutoCAD and Revit. We are efficient and experienced enough to transform drawings, blueprints, PDF files and plans into a native format with certified layers and references.

Our expertise is to manage the client’s concept of a project plan into realization and enhance the efficiency of 2D engineering drawings, CAD conversion services and 3D CAD drawings for construction.

What are the main reasons to outsource your architectural CAD drafting services from World Estimating?

World Estimating is relatively a compatible and trustworthy platform to deal with the diverse range of architectural CAD drafting services. We are here to assist you in digitizing the architectural plans to generate quick corrections and changes during the ongoing project. We are a compatible platform among other architectural drawings companies and enable you to reduce costs while focusing on intellectual aspects.

We have an expert team of architectural CAD drafters to ensure and produce 100% error-free ISO certified quality deliverables within a precise amount and minimalist time frames. Following are the few distinctive features that allow you to trust us for architectural drafting services.

  • We are a team of expert architectural CAD drafting consultants to fully understand the requirements of our clients and assist them with precise architectural drafting services.
  • We use modern and up-to-date architectural tools specifically for 2D Drafting and 3D CAD drawings
  • We are experts in converting hand-drawn sketches into a digitized format (2D or 3D formats)
  • World Estimating is professional enough to hire a professional team of architectural cad drafting consultants and architectural drafters to add demanding annotations like text, dimensions and figurative tables for effective comprehension
  • We have a well-equipped team to successfully delivered architectural BIM services to comprehensive clients that include designers, architects, developers, realtors, contractors, homeowners, engineers and building managers
  • We are well-equipped to provide comprehensive 2D drafting and 3D CAD drawing, particularly for a single room to a comprehensive industrial project

Our Portfolio

World Estimating is itself a professional architectural CAD drafting company near your locality with a comprehensive team of architectural drafters. We have a diverse portfolio of serving a large number of clients for the following construction buildings.

  • High & low-rise buildings
  • Residential buildings (flats, villas, plotted housing, resorts, farmhouses)
  • Commercial buildings (Mega Shopping malls, showrooms, complex, small shops)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Fun and Game zones
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels, restaurants and resorts
  • Movie theatres (multiplex)
  • Gardens and amusement parks
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Parking Garages

What are the main file formats our architectural CAD drafter supports?

Our reliable team of architectural cad drafting consultants are efficient enough to support the following file formats from our clients.

  • Scanned PDF images
  • ADT files (.dwg)
  • Graphical formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG
  • Hand-drawn sketches on single paper
  • Revit file (.rvt)
  • AutoCAD files (.dwg, .dxf, .dwf)

What are the main things we provide to our clients with architectural drafting services?

World Estimating provides the following things along with architectural CAD drafting services.

  • Architectural Drafting
  • Detailing Services
  • Retail Drafting Services
  • Residential Drafting Services
  • 3D CAD Drafting Services

Upload your construction project file/drawings now with comprehensive specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will comprehensively review and send you a quote within minutes

What is the main software we use for architectural CAD drafting services?

We are a professional team of architectural drafters to manage everything according to the demands of our clients with the following software

  • Revit Architecture
  • ArchiCAD
  • AutoCAD
  • SketchUp
  • Vector works

What are the main standard views in our architectural drawings?

We include the following views of different construction buildings in our architectural drawings.

  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Architectural Layout
  • Construction document set
  • Site Plan
  • As-built Drawings
  • Building Sectional Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Architectural Markup Plans
  • Cross Section
  • Isometric and axonometric projections

What are the main types of architectural drawings?

We provide a diverse classification of architectural drawings with different elements to include in a similar sheet. Following are the few main types of architectural drawings.

  • Presentation Drawings
  • Survey Drawings
  • Record Drawings
  • Working Drawings
    • Location drawings
    • General arrangement drawings (floor plans, sections and elevations)
    • Assembly drawings (Wall details)
    • Component drawings (Windows, door sets, roof trusses, cladding panels, cupboards and kitchens)

Our Architectural Drafting Services from schematic designs

We are efficient enough to provide 2D CAD Drawings from different design phases like schematic design (SD), Design Document (DD) and construction document (CD) through the help of Revit and AutoCAD software.

We deliver our architectural drawings and models with the required amount of level of detail (LOD).

Following are the few design phases.

Schematic Design (SD) (emphasis on design)

We are efficient enough to provide design drawings with a general plan layout, sections, layout, openings and finishes with three-dimensional graphics (axonometric and isometric)

Design Development (DD) (emphasis on design decisions)

Our models include comprehensive information like dimensions, structure, exterior elevations, fenestrations, MEP systems, interior systems through design of openings and finishes, wall sections, etc.

Construction Document (CD) (emphasis on collaboration within team members)

We develop construction-ready drawings and models that fulfil the design of the contractor requirement to consult through the buildings and change through clash detection.

We assist the architectural drafting services in different areas.

  • We assist our clients with CAD Drawings of sanitation and piping plans
  • We deliver CAD Drawings of architectural elevations, floor plans, sections and site plans
  • We CAD Drawings of furniture products
  • We provide Architectural Casework Shop Drawings
  • We deal with Kitchen Cabinet Drawings and Drafting
  • We provide Architectural Millwork drawings
  • We assist with comprehensive construction drawing set preparation
  • We show our expertise in converting paper drawings to AutoCAD and 2D to 3D drawings

Our Architectural BIM Services includes

We have a diverse platform of providing Architectural BIM services and includes the following.

General (G Series)

  • Cover Sheet
  • Code Analysis
  • Legends and General Notes
  • General Specification
  • Symbol
  • Fire Rating and Exit Diagram

Architecture (A Series)

  • Elevations
  • Floor Plans
  • Sections
  • Enlarged Drawings
  • Schedules
  • Staircases
  • Ceiling Details
  • Specifications and Misc. Details

Mechanical (M Series)

  • General
  • Equipment layout
  • Details
  • Enlarged equipment layout
  • HVAC Plans
  • Specifications and Schedules

Electrical (E Series)

  • General
  • Power Plans
  • Lighting and Wiring
  • Enlarged Drawings
  • Diagrams and Standard Details
  • Plane Schedules

Plumbing (P Series)

  • Floor plans
  • Details
  • Isometric
  • Enlarged plumbing layout
  • General

Our Process

World Estimating is a professional platform, and our clients usually follow the following process for accurate and budget-friendly architectural CAD drafting services.

Upload your documents

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Get a quote

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Get your final product

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