BIM Estimate

The usage of Building Information Model or BIM estimate services has become one of the most valuable tools for getting an accurate estimate, sharing information, or changes in plans that might arise after the initial concept.

For your information, BIM is a multidimensional building model that is provided by the architect.

BIM Estimating services

For the estimator, it will be offering a point and click method for precise measuring of square footage and linear footage of structures. This will enable the estimator to compile a bill of materials that are absent out for pricing. Note that any missing information can be filled-in form data saved from past projects.

Furthermore, if a change is made during or after the initial estimate or during the construction, then BIM estimating allows these changes to be accessed by all the interested parties to avoid the missteps.

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BIM Estimate

BIM Estimate Services

A BIM estimate will be making the construction process multi-dimensional. It will be improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. It is important to note that you can take advantage of our cutting-edge BIM technology for timely and accurate estimates. A BIM estimate will make your project planning complete and transparent.

BIM is a tool that will improve the the accuracy and efficiency of estimates to a greater extent without any chance of error.

BIM estimating visually analyzes the material requirements for your building project via three-dimensional computer model. Note that it is a factor in time and cost. There is no doubt that this is a revolutionary, time-saving, and precise method for

  • Determination of the cost of materials
  • Provide all the significant information
  • Provide the opportunity for making up to the minute changes

Using your BIM, you can easily save your valuable time and can protect your project from loss due to miscalculations. It is interesting to note that your project can literally be built through the model and even the unpredictable factors can be figured into the construction cost estimate.

Why BIM is Helpful?

With BIM estimate, you can be sure that there is no measurement was calculated incorrectly. These factors will make the difference between profitability and loss on your construction project. With the BIM provided by your architect, you are able to read model geometry and measure every square foot of area and linear foot of the structure, with the help of a mouse click. This will provide you the precision information for determining your true quantity of required materials. Remember that the BIM takeoff quantities estimation will be accurate and instant. Please visit our profile on The Blue Book and Yelp.

With BIM estimate, you are able to see a 3D model and you can compare it to the schedules for checking the individual items highlighted within the model. This will ensure that all concerned parties understand more clearly how changes will affect the costs and how they are able to make decisions according to the information.

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