Construction Estimator

Construction EstimatorsThe construction estimator plays a crucial role in the construction company and is a pivotal point in its hierarchy. He crafts and chalks out a complete proposal highlighting the costs of the specific construction project working with clients, owners, architects, designers and contractors. At World Estimating, the contracting companies completely understand the importance of the construction estimator but our organization made it clear to the general public outside the industry.

The pride of World Estimating is its seasoned, organized and equipped team of construction estimators. The job of the construction estimator is to arrive at the actual costs of the projects keeping the scope and size of the project. To get done with the project costs and cost accounting, tally all the materials and labor costs and determination of the time the construction project needs. Steps ahead of this, we make clear the man-hours for each item of the trades.

Our estimators approach the estimation process with care and profound knowledge. Each of the factors requires specialized knowledge of the construction industry. The trade specialists review the plans and drawings with the specialty of the trade in their mind and also the prices of the particular materials along with the consideration of material costs, labor supply and logistics and even things like the weather on impact of the materials.

The Major Responsibilities of the Construction Estimators

  • Making material takeoffs and Estimates for the clients.
  • Preparing the markup plans for the clients.
  • Managing the bidding network profiles of the clients and filing bids on their behalf.
  • Preparing preliminary estimates for the contractors.
  • Establishing the feasibility budget reports for the owners and lenders.
  • Preparation of the bidding proposals and detailed estimates for subcontractors.
  • Design estimates for architectural and engineering firms.

Construction Estimator Services

Our specialized construction cost estimators are:

  • Concrete Estimator
  • Civil Estimator
  • Electrical Estimator
  • Lumber Estimator
  • MEP Estimator
  • HVAC Estimator
  • Industrial Estimator
  • Sitework Estimator
  • Steel estimator
  • Steel Detailer

Responsibilities of Our Construction Estimator

  • The construction cost estimator makes the list of the materials along with the labor for that materials. When building a takeoff, construction estimators look at the preliminary designs and blueprints of the project, then create a list of materials and put the associated costs against the materials.
    It is done in a particular way:
  • The things to be quantified are made in a list format for which materials that will be required e.g. concrete for foundation, roofing materials, plumbing fixtures, wood for framing, steel for reinforcement and even items like hinges and nails.
  • Construction estimator then ensures that the costs associated to the materials and man-hours of the labor are close enough to the as-built conditions keeping the contingency of the project.
  • The risk associated with inaccuracies of the takeoff and cost estimates are the inaccuracies. These risks and factors also account the duties and responsibilities of a construction estimator.
  • The estimators prepare bid estimates for the subcontractors for which subcontractors outsource their estimation to us in an expense saving model.

Dedicated Construction Estimator Packages

Construction EstimatorsOur Dedicated Construction Estimators packages are in an expense saving model that saves 60% of the estimating expense:

The construction estimator will work for you in our office and will finalize bids in an accurate expertly manner. The maximum daily hours of work for an individual are 8 hrs. in which he can ensure productivity but this dedicated estimator will provide services for 24 hours

The turnaround time will be quoted to the client for the project after reviewing the scope and extent of the work. The quoted time always justifies the quantity and scope of the work. Usually, many of the contractors are getting 10-12 jobs done in $1500 dedicated estimation package. You can visit our Google My Business and Yelp profiles.

Our Expense and Time Saving Model

The expense and time saving model of World Estimating is to provide affordable estimates in 24-48 hrs. Time with expense saving configurations designed for the contractor.

You can have your estimates and takeoffs done in customized designed models ensuring expense saving with time.

Our construction estimators are here to serve you accurate estimates at affordable rates. So feel free to contact us today and get 30% off.