Construction Estimator Service

Construction Estimating ConsultantThe construction estimator plays a crucial role in the construction company and is a pivotal point in its hierarchy. He crafts and chalks out a complete proposal highlighting the costs of the specific construction project working with clients, owners, architects, designers, and contractors. At World Estimating, the contracting companies completely understand the importance of the construction estimator services but our organization made it clear to the general public outside the industry as well.

The pride of World Estimating is its seasoned, organized, and equipped team of estimating experts. The job of the construction cost estimator is to arrive at the actual costs of the projects keeping in mind the scope and size of the project. To get done with the project costs and cost accounting, tally all the materials and labor costs and determination of the time the construction project needs. Steps ahead of this, we make clear the man-hours for each item of the trades.

Our estimators are proficient with the latest software and tools including Planswift, Bluebeam, Trimble, RS Means, Cost Works, Xactimate, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and Quest Estimating, and follow the policies of the certified American estimators accreditations like American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).

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Our Clients

Among our clients are the professional general contracting corporations, subcontractors, developers, architects, home builders, owners and vendors involved in the construction of various private and public projects.

Residential Construction Cost Estimator

From a small home building estimate to high rise building cost estimates, our estimators are capable of performing a precise bill of material for any scope of the residential construction project. We have a separate team of estimators that only addresses the residential contractors concerned with the new construction and remodeling of single-family, multi-family, modular homes, custom homes, condominiums, townhouses, etc.

Commercial Construction Cost Estimator

Our skilled estimators are well versed in the cost estimation of the commercial portfolio of projects. Be it office building construction cost per square foot or detailed construction document estimate of a shopping mall, we are well versed with the right software and tools to achieve accuracy for all your commercial estimating needs. We have experience of delivering quantity takeoffs and estimates for offices, warehouses, theaters, sports auditorium, retail, healthcare, parking lots, etc.

Civil Construction Cost Estimator

Our team of estimators also helps civil contractors involved in the construction of highways, dams and bridges with detailed bid estimates and material takeoffs to aid them in preparing bid proposals and procurement.

Our Trades

Our estimators approach the estimation process with care and profound knowledge. Each of the factors requires specialized knowledge of the construction industry. The trade specialists review the plans and drawings with respect to the trade and also the prices of the particular materials along with the consideration of material costs, labor supply, and logistics, and even factors like the impact of weather on the materials.

Our team of construction estimators is capable of performing quantity takeoffs in all CSI divisions:

  • Site Work Takeoff
  • Masonry Takeoff
  • Concrete Takeoff
  • Finishes Takeoff
  • Mechanical Takeoff
  • Stucco Takeoff
  • Metal Takeoff
  • Electrical Takeoff
  • Plumbing Takeoff
  • HVAC Takeoff
  • Ductwork Takeoff
  • Drywall Takeoff
  • Rebar Takeoff
  • Door/Window Takeoff
  • Flooring Takeoff
  • Painting Takeoff
  • Roofing Takeoff
  • Lumber Takeoff
  • Cabinet Takeoff
  • Structural Steel Takeoff

Our Construction Estimator Services

Our estimators perform quantity takeoffs for labor and materials along with marked-up plans. All the materials are quantified in detail with each line description, quantity, unit of measurement, and location. e.g. concrete for the foundation, roofing materials, plumbing fixtures, wood for framing, steel for reinforcement, and even items like hinges and nails.

Our construction estimator services include:

  • Preparation of preliminary estimates and budget estimates for developers and homebuilders.
  • Preparation of detailed bid estimates and bidding proposals for subcontractors.
  • Preparation of design estimates for architectural and engineering firms.
  • Establish the feasibility budget reports for the owners and lenders.
  • Consultation and Management of the bidding network profiles of the clients and filing bids on their behalf.
  • Assistance for generating new project leads
  • Subcontractor marketing
  • Preconstruction & change order management
  • Project scheduling

Dedicated Construction Estimator Packages

Construction EstimatorsOur Dedicated Construction Estimators monthly packages offer you an expense saving model that saves 60% of the estimating expense:

By subscribing to our monthly takeoff packages starting from $1500, you can utilize the services of a dedicated estimator committed to work just for you in our office who will not only finalize your bids in an accurate expert manner but also guide you regarding smartly filing bids and increasing profit potential.

The turnaround time will be quoted to you for the project after reviewing the scope and extent of the work. The quoted time always justifies the quantity and scope of the work. Usually, many of the contractors are getting 10-12 jobs done in a $1500 dedicated estimation package.

Why Choose Us?

We promise:

  • Precise and comprehensive estimates with marked-up plans.
  • Fastest turnaround times of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Highly affordable estimates around $200 on average, can be more or less dependent on the complexity of the project.
  • The bit hit ratio of our estimates is more than 85% as per our contractors’ data.
  • Our monthly takeoff packages save 60% of the expense of a full time estimator.
  • 24/7 email support
  • Bid more, win more!

Our Estimators Are Ready To Assist You In Your Next Project!

Follow the simple process:

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  2. Get a Quote: You will receive a quote based on invoice, turnaround time, and delivery date. We will start working right after you pay via Debit card or Credit card or PayPal.
  3. Get an estimate: You will get the estimate in EXCEL sheets either in CSI MasterFormat or uniformat or by cost codes or your customized template as per demand.

Our Service Areas

World estimating has successfully provided construction estimating services in North American, Caribbean, and Australian regions. In the US, we have a portfolio of working in the following markets:

Newyork, New Jersey, Florida, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan,  Missouri, Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland,  Connecticut.

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