Drywall Takeoff Services

Drywall Takeoff ServicesIf you are struggling to find the best drywall takeoff service to avoid the hustle of over quoting or underquoting on your bids, we are here to help you with a highly precise and detailed drywall estimate.

With many years of experience in the AEC industry, World Estimating features expertise in professional and comprehensive estimates and quantity takeoffs with special emphasis on accuracy for the high-end residential, commercial, and retail projects. We follow the strict guidelines of the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE), American Society of Professional Engineers (ASPE), and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).

Who are our clients and how we help them?

Among our clients are general contractors, drywall contractors, developers, and architects involved in the construction of single and multi-family residential, commercial, and retail projects.

We provide timely and accurate drywall bid estimates and material takeoff sheets to drywall contractors that help them in winning their bids. We quantify drywall sheets, drywall mud, acoustic insulation, sheathing, screws, beads, studs, headers, etc. along with manhours, labor costs, logistics, permits, taxes, and other factors involved.

Our detailed preliminary and conceptual estimates also help developers and architects to manage their budgets in the early phases of design and construction.

Our Portfolio in Drywall Takeoff

We have a diverse portfolio in drywall estimate ranging from single-family housing and multi-family residential complex to hospitality, healthcare, sports facilities, retail, and education.

Few of our satisfied clients are mentioned below:

  • Redline Building Services
  • Clay Drywall
  • Interic Specialties
  • Omega Industries
  • Commercial Interiors
  • ALL-PRO Building Systems
  • Shark Construction Services
  • Lam Building Design
  • Moran Drywall

What is Required for the Right Drywall Estimate?

When preparing the drywall estimate, complete knowledge of the drywall installation process is required. The exact amount of material i.e sheetrock panels, drywall mud, screws, beads, clips, etc, and manhours required to complete the installation process are taken into account. Local labor rates and working environment, transportation costs, wastages, and other miscellaneous costs are also important to note.

Our drywall estimates majorly depend on the requirements set by clients. but generally following factors are taken into account:

  • Determination of exact dimensions of walls and ceilings.
  • Estimation of the number of drywall sheets or drywall panels or sheetrock, transportation charges, and wastages are also considered.
  • Estimation of drywall tapping and acoustic insulation, external sheathing required.
  • Estimation of the number of joint compounds or drywall mud.
  • Estimation of the number of screws and corner beads, metal studs required.
  • Estimation of manhours, labor (skilled and unskilled).
  • Other additional costs like insurance, wastage, permit fees, taxes are also considered.

Why do you need to have a Professional Service for Your Drywall Estimate?

While bidding for a drywall project, you can not afford the risk of errors. Therefore an accurate estimate with detailed material takeoffs is required to get you ahead of your competition. Outsourcing your estimates can save you the frustration of paperwork and allows you to spend more time on developing strategies to expand your business.

With the team of highly skilled estimators and experience of working with many drywall companies and contractors across the world, we can ensure you timely projects without any errors. We have successfully undertaken projects with many residential and commercial contractors in the US, Canada, and Australia. We have a huge database for pricing based on zipcode and have been using National Cost Estimator by Craftsman. We also have links with suppliers, wholesalers, contractors, and vendors.

Why Hiring us is the Right Choice?

World estimating strives to serve its clients in the best way possible. By partnering with us you get the following benefits:

  • The bid-hit ratio of our estimates is 85%.
  • We have a track record of delivering highly precise estimates.
  • You can save 60% expense of the estimator by subscribing to our affordable monthly takeoff packages.
  • We deliver estimates within the fastest turnaround times of 24 to 48 hours.
  • We offer affordable and detailed estimates. (200$ on average, which can be less or more depending on the scope of the project).
  • Our estimates comply with international standards.
  • Our estimators are certified with ASPE, ACCE, AIQS.
  • We provide consultancy regarding bid filing and also manage biding network profiles of our clients.
  • 24/7 customer support is provided.

We Are Ready To Help You With Your Next Drywall Takeoff!

The process is very simple:

1- Send us plans:

Send us your contact information by filling the form on the contact page & upload plans by clicking the below button.

2- Get a Quote:

You will get a quote consisting of the invoice, turnaround time, and delivery date.

3- Your estimate is ready:

Your estimate will be delivered to you in EXCEL sheets either in our format or a format supplied by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our regular clients for drywall?

Ans. We serve drywall contractors, homeowners,  for commercial and multi-residential projects.

What is the level of our expertise in drywall takeoff?

Ans. We have successfully delivered hundreds of drywall estimates in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We have a dedicated drywall estimator.

What is the scope of our projects for drywall?

Ans. Our portfolio of drywall takeoff range from single-family residential to complex residential and commercial projects. We have served contractors for restaurants, malls, homes & apartments, movie theaters, schools, and various medical centers.

How much time we normally take to deliver your estimate?

Ans. A highly accurate and detailed drywall estimate will be delivered to you in 24 to 48 hours.

How much it costs for drywall estimate?

Ans. We charge $200 on average for a drywall takeoff, which can be less or more depending on the scope of your project.

What quantities do we consider while preparing drywall estimates?

Ans. While preparing drywall estimate, we take into account all the factors like drywall sheets, drywall mud, repairs, installation costs, drywall or sheetrock quantities, sheetrock breakage, labor costs, transportation costs, costs of permits, taxes, etc.

How detailed are our drywall takeoffs?

Ans. We take into account all the details including sheetrock or drywall panel, joint compound, screws, corner beads, clips, labor costs, transportation costs, permit fees, taxes, etc. We mention walls and partitions details and descriptions in proper line items.

In what format you are required to submit your plans?

Ans. You need to share your drawing plans in PDF format.

What document and format do we prepare the takeoff in?

Ans. We prepare takeoff in an EXCEL sheet either in our company’s template or in the template provided by the client.

What software do we use for drywall takeoff?

Ans. We use Planswift, Bluebeam, Trimble, IMHS Mark Systems, ProEst, RS Means, Bid Point XL, and Quest Estimating.

Why do you need to outsource your drywall takeoff?

Ans. For drywall estimate, you need professional service to take in to account all the factors that contribute towards the proper installation of drywall.

How our estimates contribute towards saving you money?

Ans. By estimating the exact number of sheetrock panels, drywall mud, and other miscellaneous costs, we help our clients by quoting the right mark-up prices to general contractors and also in negotiating with their suppliers.

Case Study


A drywall contractor from Phoenix approached us for consultancy regarding winning bids. He was performing the takeoff himself as he couldn’t bear the costs of a full-time estimator; it had become a nightmare for him. This suffered his business badly creating frustration and lost productivity.


Our profound estimators provided him with highly accurate estimates, handled his bid filing, and managed his bidding network profile. This helped him in winning more bids and focusing on developing his business and made him a valuable partner in his general contractor’s eye.


Outsourcing estimating services to us resulted in greater efficiency increased bid-hit ratio, and productivity and his estimation budget remained undisturbed. If he had to hire a full-time estimator, it would have cost him around 8000$ a month. Our average estimate is around 200$ and if he gets one project estimated a week, that adds up to around $1,000-1,500 a month. Now comparing the two amounts, he spent a small amount and enjoyed the services of a fulltime estimator and a consultant.

What are you waiting for? If you are seeking drywall takeoff service, then World Estimating is the right option for you to choose!