Earned Value Management Consultants

Earned Value Management ConsultantsWorld Estimating is a reliable platform with a competent team of earned value management consultants to perform earned value analysis with an integrated cost-schedule approach to monitor and analyze your project’s progress. This proactive analysis manages to deliver the project’s status in terms of cost and time within specific data.

Measurements by Earned Value Management Consultants

Our earned value management consultants involve the following measurements in their earned value analysis.

  • Schedule variance (SV)
  • Cost Variance (CV)
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
  • Actual Cost for Work Performed (ACWP)
  • Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP)
  • Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BSWS)

We represent the baseline schedule and budget in our BCWS and represent the “Earned Value”, whereas ACWP represents the actual budget you spend.

What is the difference between Earned Value Analysis differ from CPM?

Note the conflicting results between the EV Analysis and scheduling because a schedule varies positively or negatively. It occurs because Earned value analysis is quite budget-driven and schedule to focus on critical path analysis.

What is the process of our EV analysis by earned value management consultants?

World Estimating is a reliable and practical platform with expert earned value management consultants with EV Analysis through a simple process. Following are the few main steps involved to deliver Earned Value analysis.

Time Schedule

Our expert earned value consultants inefficient in scheduling the time and budget during EV Analysis

Money analysis

We have an expert team of earned value consultants to examine the quantity of earned money spent on any construction project.

Work done

In this particular phase, we examine the exact amount of time to work you have done and how you have to strategize to complete it according to the plan.


We efficiently examine the leading cause of certain deviations and explore possible remedies during EV Analysis.


We are efficient enough to extrapolate the deviations that occur in any construction project.

Upload your construction project file that shows the scope of work (Drawings, specifications). Then, we will efficiently review and consult you back with a questionnaire about a construction project, quote and final project completion date

Do we include S-curves in our Earned Value Management?

World Estimating deliver S-curves through our earned value management Consultants during Earned Value Management as a graphical report and represents your project’s progress. In addition, we track specific metrics over time and ensure your project’s tracking according to the plan and complete it within time and budget.

S-curves includes the following things.

  • Actual cost against the budget cost
  • Progress in your project against the planned schedule
  • Deliver cost against progress to measure it productively
  • Production activity according to the amount of delivered concrete, road pavement, the required number of floors, etc.

How performance percent complete technique is effective for earned value to cost?

There are five main options in performance percent complete in Primavera P6 software that are effective while doing Earned Value Analysis. Following are certain options.

  1. Activity percent completion
    1. Units percent complete
    2. Physical percent complete
    3. Duration percent
  2. WBS Milestones Percent Complete
  3. 0/100
  4. 50/50
  5. Custom Percent Complete

Level of flexibility in Earned Value Analysis

While performing earned value management, our project manager analyzes and adjust the budget according to the future performance and bring the project back in line through different projections. We mainly pinpoint the project’s troubles and force any project manager to involve different preventive measures to reduce specific problems.

We are flexible in our earned value analysis and timely change things during the project development and implementation.

Our Single System in EV Analysis

Our earned value management consultants benefit through implementing earned value analysis to efficiently tracking the project in terms of time, money and work. We efficiently measure different things that include the actual amount of work completion, forecasting the cost and completion date. Our expert earned value consultants also compare the project’s performance according to the decided plan and manage the project’s budget and completion time.

Our process

World Estimating is a reliable platform to ensure productivity to its clients. Our clients follow the below-given method for our clients. Don’t miss the chance of availing of the discounts and make your construction project distinctive.

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