Electrical Shop Drawings Services

Electrical Shop Drawings ServicesWorld Estimating provides precise and professional electrical shop drawings services to its clients. Our expert electrical shop drawing consultants efficiently manages to plan electrical systems, design complete layout and suggest safe guidelines in our electrical shop drawing consulting services.

We are competitive electrical shop drawing consulting firm with an expert and experienced team of electrical engineers and electrical shop drawings consultants to evaluate different electrical systems and detect different clashes between the electrical lines. Our experienced team of electrical drafters manages to assist you with reliable and professional electrical drafting services that include lighting, power layout, termination diagram, circuit diagram, etc.

Our electrical shop drawings services include

World Estimating is a reliable and professional platform that deals with different clients for electrical shop drawings services. Following are the few things included in our electrical shop drawings services.

Electrical Layout Drafting

  • Lighting and power layout
  • SLD (Single Line Diagram)
  • Isometric Presentation
  • Circuit Diagram

Electrical Power Distribution

  • Control Cable Design, Cable Sizing, Cable Tray and Supporting structure drafting
  • Electrical wiring layout schematics for transmission and distribution lines
  • Design and layout drafting of transformers, breakers, starters, etc.
  • Switchboard schedule
  • HV/LC Switch Gear
  • Electrical substation motor control centers (MCC) drawings

Earthing and lightning protection systems

  • Earthing System Layout
  • Earthing Strips Layout
  • Lightning protection system
  • Earthing pits interconnection diagrams

Industrial process control lighting and illumination system

  • Material takeoff detailing
  • Access control
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Illumination determinations – photometric calculations
  • Cable layout and cable schedule
  • Lighting design-based on plan and floor layout

Security System Designing

  • Public Address System
  • CCTV Layout
  • Access Control Panel
  • Fire Alarm Panel Architecture

Fire Protection System Layout

  • Design and incorporation of alarm/smoke detection system
  • Fire protection and sprinkler plans
  • Fire protection details
  • Schematics and diagrams following NFPA/equivalent codes and standards

Communication system schematics

  • Public Address systems
  • Intercom wiring layout
  • In-plant communication systems

Our diverse range of electrical shop drawings services

We are here with a comprehensive range of our electrical shop drawings services to its clients. Following are the diverse range of our electrical shop drawings services.

Electrical Design Services

We are professional enough to follow certain standards for different lighting systems designs, power distribution systems, power systems, fire protection systems, power systems, access control, public address and closed-circuit television designs.

Control Panel Design

We are capable of designing a control panel for different commercial and industrial projects. A Control panel diagram is essential to efficiently distribute the power throughout the construction with liable energy efficiency. We deal with a diverse range of construction projects that involves different panels, including VFD, PLC, power factor, distribution board, AC drive and wire drawing machine control panels, to assist with a comprehensive spectrum of panel design services.

Building Electrical Design Services

We have a professional and expert team of designers with expert knowledge of the latest software to provide quick layouts and include important elements involving local building codes, electrical symbols, and regional standards.

Our building electrical design services mainly includes the plans, design diagrams, electrical layout, lighting systems integration, electrical and lighting calculations, specifications and engineering documentation to implement the project efficiently in a cost-effective way.

Electrical CAD Drawings

We are an efficient team of experts to deal with small and large construction projects and implement CAD drawings services on them. It is differentiated that either you need schematic symbol diagrams or site planning services, electrical planning and lighting setup diagrams or wiring diagrams to source for accurate drawings with the latest trends of the industry.

2D Drafting Services

We deal with different electrical drafting services that are efficient for building projects, either commercial, residential, industrial or municipal. We have a team of diverse architects, contractors, engineers to transform drawings and take their project to complete it efficiently.

We are efficient enough to deal with lighting fixtures, control circuits, panel schedules, termination diagrams, material lists and much more. Our expert drafting professionals manage to deal with AutoCAD files, PDF, TIFF, DWG, JPEG, and other image files, hand-drawn sketches, scanned images and deliver output in an efficient format.

Electrical lighting Design

Expert electrical shop drawings consultants at world estimating are efficient and professional enough to manage electrical design for power, lighting and signal system to distribution system design and coordination studies. We have arranged a complete spectrum of tasks managed by expert team members. Our professional provides lighting design for exterior and interior certified applications for residences, stores, offices and warehouses that demand electrical lighting.

Electrical Schematics

While considering electrical schematics of a construction project, we include comprehensive electrical planning with lighting setup diagrams, housing schematics, ladder logic drawings and wiring diagrams. Our latest and comprehensive software is available through a professional and dedicated team to offer a quick turnaround time for reliable convenience.

Upload your construction architectural plan/drawings with a complete set of specifications of your construction project. We have an expert team of drafting professionals to review and send a quote within the next five minutes

What are the main areas to implement Electrical Shop Drawings Services?

  • Structural and schematic drafting and detailing for plant building lighting, power and earthing grid
  • Equipment foundation drafting
  • Sports field lighting
  • Detention security systems
  • Backup generators
  • Miscellaneous auxiliary systems
  • Plant room/utility building equipment layouts
  • Data centres
  • Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
  • Multiple story construction buildings (Residential, commercial, institutional)

What are the names of software for electrical shop drawings services?

World Estimating is a reliable electrical shop drawing service platform with a team of experience drafting professionals and electrical shop drawings consultants. We are utilizing the following modern and latest electrical shop drawings services software for our clients.

  • AutoCAD
  • Visual Lips Programming
  • Elite
  • Wright soft
  • Automation: Excel/macros/programming
  • Autodesk
  • Revit
  • SolidWorks
  • ESRI products
  • MapInfo
  • ProE

What are the main benefits of having electrical shop drawings services from World Estimating?

World Estimating ensure top-tier talent in providing reliable electrical shop drawings services to its clients. We are here to provide accurate and professional electrical shop drawing services through expert shop drawing consultants. Our experts fulfil the demands of electrical design and drafting professionals to consider electrical wiring and power system.

Following are the few main benefits anyone can acquire for electrical shop drawings services.

Professional Electrical shop drawings services

Our expert designers and electrical shop drawing consultants provide accurate and professional shop drawings services to its clients.

Accurate services

Our measurements in electrical shop drawings services are accurate and precise because one mistake in our drawing can fail the whole project. That is why our expert electrical shop drawings services adhere to certain specifications and work without ensuring or producing accurate drawings and assist in meeting certain design set patterns.

Affordable shop drawings services

We are here to assist our clients by providing cost-efficient and affordable shop drawings so that you cannot indulge yourself in hiring a full-time designer.

Uniformity across different products

Our electrical shop drawings are standardizing and run throughout the processes to ensure either your products adhere to industry standards by increasing the odds of obtaining license and construction permits.

Our Process

We deal with our clients with the following process for electrical shop drawing services.

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Receive your electrical shop drawings

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