Lead Generation Platforms – Their Role in the Growth of Construction Businesses

Construction businesses operate on winning and completing jobs. Through these, they put together intended profits and livelihood. But before that, these businesses need leads to bid (this is generated through estimation against the project plan. You can contact us for that.) and start the process of winning projects.

Finding leads include various methods such as looking around in the neighborhood, asking for referrals or future work, and many others. Among the different means, the most effective one is the lead generation platform. These are virtual locations where both projects and bidders come together. These locations are very vital and useful for construction projects.

Let us understand these platforms with deep knowledge and their working.

What are Lead Generation Platforms?

Like traditional marketplaces where buyers and sellers would come together and negotiate to finalize buying agreements, these platforms operate. The main difference to understand them is their working location; which is online. These operate through websites and domains to provide a place where all the concerned ones can join and be present during negotiations and agreements. Next, the difference is mass bidding rather than private dealing as in traditional markets. Through this bidding, project owners hire contractors or construction businesses.

How Do They Work?

These platforms provide a place of interaction for all the related individuals. Both project owners (as buyers for construction services) and contractors (as sellers of their services) come together. The owners present their product (project idea presented with its plan drawings) and contractors bid (as the supposed price of their services against the plan).

The bidding continues for a certain period of time and after the closure, the owner (buyer) hands over the product (project or job) for the intended (construction) services to some contractors (services seller) whom he finds worthy and reasonable. Then the winning contractor completes the project and receives the agreed amount from the owner (buyer of the services) while the contractor (seller of services) makes a profit.

What are Common Lead Platforms?

Different lead generation platforms are operating in the construction industry. All these operate to provide lead generation for construction businesses and outreach for project owners. Some of the commonly used platforms include:

Google Business Profile

This is simply creating your profile for your construction company as per its right location. This creates a widespread image for the company. Project owners and builders can contact you through this image and you attract leads.

Angie’s List

It holds around six million profiles that can interact with you and reach out to hire your services. Once you have a profile in Angie’s list, you have a fairly good chance to attract leads but still, you can go for pay-per-click.


This offers an even larger audience of 30 million. You can be part of this for your business for free and gain access to the vast networks available. This can help with lead generation at a very vast rate which can be increased even further through advertising.


This is highly favorable for contractors and construction companies concerning residential projects. You can make a free profile or go for the monthly fee for better reach. This helps with better visibility and ranking among other profiles. Also, advertising is available.

Bing Places for Business

This is like Google’s business profile for Bing, called Bing Places for Business. It works in the almost same manner as its counterpart with the edge to import the profile. Other users can search your profile and create leads.


This website is a paid platform that provides for a vast 30 million audience. Contractors have to pay around 15 to 60 dollars annually for their subscription to utilize their services and attract leads.

Facebook Business

Facebook is used for all sorts of businesses through its largest network of users around the world. Contractors and construction companies can create their profiles and connect through posting and advertising. Its interface allows for targeting audiences with certain specifications and generating leads for the business.


Like HomeAdvisor, Porch is also specific for construction residential projects. In this, you pick lead to pursue rather than being pursued. Whichever leads seem fitting, the contractors can pick them and put them to use.


This is a paid platform that acts as a mediator between contractors and project owners. Contactors only have to pay when they are hired by the lead. In other words, the leads are free but you pay a sort of referral fee to the platform.


This platform is quite unique for lead generation. In this, you pay as you are contacted by any lead. But if it didn’t work out you can go for a refund. Moreover, the advertising options remain to improve your visibility and attract leads.

These are some of the lead generation platforms that contractors and construction businesses can utilize for the growth of their business.


Construction business required leads to bid and complete projects to make profits. For finding leads, these businesses can go different ways with lead generation platforms as the most effective one. these platforms act as the place of interaction between contractors and project owners.