World Estimating Services is a renowned estimating company working in North America. We offer lumber takeoff services to our vast range of clients.

Lumber TakeoffOur clients range from general contractors, lumber contractors, millwork contractors, carpenters, lumber suppliers, lumber realtors framing contractors, developers, designers, architects, engineers, lumberyards, and others. We offer our lumber takeoffs with the highest level of accuracy. To do so, we utilize the latest digital tools. These tools include Planswift, Bluebeam, and Trimble, for residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and civil projects.

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Lumber Estimators

We are home to expert lumber estimators. Our estimators hold great proficiency in lumber as a construction material. They understand everything about lumber concerning its specification and usage. Thus, they make good use of their expertise to provide lumber estimates and framing takeoff accordingly to the design provided to them in our siding takeoff and others.

Our Estimation Process

LUMBER ESTIMATION PROCESSOur experts take construction plans in pdf format. They study it properly and later analyze it through digital tools to estimate every needed detail. They do all this with great care and concentration. While doing so, they measure everything accurately. And after great consideration, they deliver requested lumber takeoffs to their clients.

For our process, the provided plan could be a rough sketch or a complete plan that includes the overall length, the height of the walls, and the sizes of the door & windows. The lumber frame is made with a single bottom plate and double top plates of wood. This way their total requirement becomes 3 times the length. Afterward, the studs are estimated. They are estimated 16 inches apart, with 3 in a 90-degree corner and 4 for a 45-degree corner. In the stud’s case consider 15 percent wastage.

The usual thickness of a header is 3 and a half inches for a lumber frame. In the case of standard-size doors or windows, the dimension goes to 2 pieces of half inches. Later, sheathing is carried. For this, an area of the wall is utilized. Openings, such as doors and windows, are subtracted from the total area and the rest is divided by 32 feet square as this stands as the size of a standard wood sheet. This way framing contractors calculate the number of required sheets. This is how we prepare our lumber estimating services.

What Do We Estimate in Our Lumber Takeoffs?

We have been around in the construction industry for 15 years. We understand every requirement concerning lumber takeoffs on the basis of our past.

That way, we estimate everything concerning the required lumber for the given project. Our lumber estimating services include accurate information regarding lumber specifications and their quantity.

Our Deliverables For The Lumber Takeoff Comprises:

  • Lumber Takeoff EXCEL Sheets
  • Labor and Material Costs
  • Man-Hours
  • Marked Up Drawing Plans
  • Lumber Cut List
  • Bid Summary
  • Complete Review of Inclusions and Exclusions

Our Portfolio

Over the past years, we have dealt with a vast chunk of clients looking for the related takeoffs. We are proud to say that we hold a vast pool of satisfied clients. We have achieved this with our quality takeoffs of the past. These takeoffs have covered various concerned structures such as residential remodeling.

In our framing takeoff, we have included details concerning huge lumber projects and various minor lumber usages such as building kitchen cabinets. In other words, we hold experience in lumber estimation for its every possible use.

Outsourcing Your Lumber Takeoffs

Preparing a takeoff by yourself can be a very time-consuming and maddening task. As it requires in-depth knowledge of millwork construction. Also, this is costly as you have to hire a full-time estimator. Thus, it is best to have it outsourced to repeated estimating companies like us.

As you outsource your lumber takeoffs, you are relieved from most of your worries. You can sit with ease and bid for more projects. This also increases your chance of getting more jobs.

We include everything needed such as sheathing, rough carpentry, wood framing, millwork, wood trusses, decking, exterior trim, etc. Also, we take care of floor joists, drywall, wood studs, paneling, and others.

Our Features

At World Estimating, we not just provide our clients with wood framing and lumber takeoffs but also we cater to them with precision. We ensure that our services are according to our client’s requests and along with that we ensure that our clients are treated as per their comfort.

Thus, we offer certain facilities on our website for our client’s ease. These include:

  • 24 / 7 availability of our experts
  • You can call us, email us and chat with us in the chatbox
  • We take your construction plan with your ease. You can send us the file or just the link to your cloud storage
  • We deliver takeoffs back to you in your desired format
  • Our turnout time does not exceed 48 hours
  • We keep our rates reasonable
  • The highest level of accuracy is ensured
  • We utilize the latest digital estimating tools

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Our Procedure

If you are looking for accurate and project-winning projects, just go through our procedure. It includes:

Submit Your Design. Send us your design through the upload button in a supporting format. Our supporting formats include .pdf, .pln, .tiff, .dxf, .jpeg and others.

Get a Quote. As you submit your plan, our experts study it and send you the quote in the next five minutes. You can pay this through PayPal, credit card, and debit card.

Have Your Takeoff. After your payment is received. We prepare and deliver you your requested takeoff in the next 24 to 48 hours.


Do You Deal with Clients All Over The United States of America?

Yes, we deal with clients from every state of the USA. Further, in every state, we provide our lumber takeoff in all the counties and cities. And while doing so, we make sure that everything is accurate and practical.

Does Your Wood Framing Benefit The Concerned Contractors?

We benefit lumber contractors and others concerned completely. We make sure that our framing takeoff is sufficient for them in their every possible requirement.

Do You Provide Your Services For Every Lumber Structure?

We have an experienced team of expert lumber estimators. Our estimators understand every lumber need. Whether you are looking for just making wooden cabinets or the whole house, out of lumber, our lumber takeoff services are sufficient for your need.

Do You Consider All Types of Wood for the Takeoffs?

We have been around in the construction industry for 15 years and have provided for numerous lumber structures. Through all that, we have become aware of every wood and its application. This way, we estimate and provide framing takeoff including the suitable lumber for the given plan.