McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals

McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals

Our work included cost estimating and benefit analysis for McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals project. We have provided construction cost estimating services at each stage of design.

At World Estimating, we provide ourselves in providing unbiased and affordable estimates and takeoffs for nearly all portfolio scope of projects. Mechanical, electrical, architectural, and structural details of the project are takeoff and estimated within the least turnaround times along with minor details mentioned in the plans to accurately described in the estimate so that it can be made comprehensible for the project managers. The installations in a shut-down manufacturing facility are accurately described by the concrete estimator, electrical estimator, lumber estimator, masonry estimator, and MEP estimator assigned to the project.

The detailed estimate is then cross-examined by the senior commercial construction cost estimator. Construction estimator at World Estimating serves the project details that involved vertical construction, epoxy flooring, and the installation of McQuay HVAC units on the roof.

The McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals Project

The Ductwork along with condensing and evaporating units are estimated and quantified in the contractor’s given takeoff sheets or our customized EXCEL sheets with schedules properly described. The mechanical equipment is separately quantified by a senior MEP estimator. The Shop drawings are provided for each trade that involved insulation, firestop, mechanical, and plumbing work. Our estimators have offered exceptional services to our clients.

The project scope is described by the subcontractors bidding on the specific trades with general contractors managing the entire portfolio of the project. Visit our profiles on Google My Business and  The Blue Book. McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals was a memorable project.

The chief estimator overseeing the project had to review specific trades and meet the standards as set forth by the American society of professional estimators (ASPE) and the American Association of cost engineers (AACE).