Quantity Takeoff Services

Quantity Takeoff Services

World Estimating provides quantity takeoff services to all contractors, engineering firms, architects, and developers. Material takeoff services are provided to contractors for bid estimates, procurement, and supply purposes. We provide construction takeoff services to all contractors with accuracy except the fact that the automation of the takeoffs is not that accurate.

The trade specialists for the takeoffs provide the best in market takeoff techniques and tools to our clients. Just in case, you need takeoffs in 24 hrs. we have such a team that it would be made on short notice.

Quantity Estimating Company

Our quantity takeoff services are designed for general contractors, subcontractors, developers, and architects. The Best in market service for construction estimators is to develop material takeoffs, construction cost estimates, and quantity surveys in fewer turnaround times i.e. 24-48 hrs.

Material Takeoff for Contractors

Performing takeoffs and estimates being a contractor is always time-consuming and will disrupt productivity when engaged in takeoffs and estimates. Don’t lose because you are missing bids. Get your bids finalized for proposal to your clients i.e. owners & General Contractors in 24-48 hrs. time with a 60% less estimating expense.

Quantity Takeoff Services for Developers

Our team of experienced construction estimators will develop preliminary takeoffs for the construction project that is to be invested with time and money. We work with construction drawings and plans to get the things right to come to the point of the preliminary assumption made right for the construction developer going to work on the project.

Pre-Construction final Takeoffs and Estimates

General Contractors usually reach out to us for verifying their bids submitted by their subcontractors. Before undertaking any project in any construction configuration and project delivery methods. Our team of construction estimators will solidify your number for the construction projects.

Material Takeoffs for Owners & Builders

Want to know your investment is worth starting? Our estimators will takeoff the project and give the estimated pricing of a project before submitting for financing, acquiring supplier quotes, and verify bids.

Why Outsource Estimating

Outsourcing the estimation will save your cost as well as sparing you to focus on your business and getting the work done in an accurate and expert manner. Normally the turnaround time will be 24-48 hrs.

The expense saving will definitely be 60%. While just to tell you that the accuracy along with the turnaround time will be up to the expectations of the client.

Advantages of Takeoffs outsourcing

  1. It spares contractors to focus on their core business and engage on the construction site.
  2. It saves their cost of hiring a full-time estimator that usually costs $5000 and, in this way, it would save their expense by 60% definitely.
  3. Usually the turnaround time of 24-48 hrs. will save your turnaround time.

Highly Verified, Accurate and Precise Cost Database

Normally the database we use is up to date and having zip code specific construction cost databases. The material and labor pricing are done according to the zip code and location-specific constraints.

We ensure double verification of the accuracy of the estimates by double verification. Once the takeoff is prepared by construction estimators and senior quantity surveyors. The takeoff is then reviewed by senior project managers and project engineers in the construction industry.

Calculation of Manhours

We also calculate labor manhours for most of our clients along with material labor takeoff and pricing.

Construction Takeoff Services Expense

We usually charge $200 on average for construction takeoffs, material takeoffs.

Do not waste your time and money. Our expert estimators are ready to serve you.