Steel Shop Drawings Services

Steel Shop Drawings ServicesWorld Estimating is a professional platform to assist its clients with the most efficient steel shop drawings, including structural shop drawings, millwork shop drawings, sheet metal shop drawings and woodwork shop drawings, etc. We equipped a professional structural team with qualified and experienced drafting technicians and modelers.

World Estimating is one of the popular brands among different steel shop drawing companies. We generally offer cost-effective factors or solutions to add value and improve the productivity of a product. Our experts at world estimating offer excellent and remarkable detailing, design and structural drawings through CAD design programs.

Our Structural steel shop drawings services

We at World Estimating have experts to assist with different structural steel shop drawings services to our clients and manage their construction projects.

Structural Shop Drawings

Our accurate and professional structural shop drawings include GA drawings, connection drawings, erection drawings, assembly drawings and different parts for contractors, fabricators, erectors and engineers. We also have a comprehensive list of other things, including anchor bolt plans, steel trusses, joists and purlins, etc. We involve a file format of KISS files, fabtrol reports, .NC files etc., by assisting direct manufacturing of components.

Structural Steel Detailing

Our structural steel detailing services involve fabrication companies and steel structural design companies. We are efficient enough to develop comprehensive structural steel 3D models for our clients to extract comprehensive information like quantity takeoffs, scheduling, etc. Many fabricators also utilize our structural steel detailing models to generate a liable fabrication drawing useful for manufacturing different steel components.

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

We have a comprehensive steel detailing solution specifically for the various steel elements. Our experts deal with the different miscellaneous steel detailing for girt systems and gage plates, grating details, stairs and handrails, studs, nosing, ladders, cages, toe plates, studs, treads, etc.

Rebar Detailing Services

Our experience in delivering rebar detailing services for different building types includes high-rise residential buildings, educational buildings, industrial buildings, RCC buildings, parking garages, etc. We are efficient enough to provide accurate details on shapes, bends and lap splices to fulfill the requirement of different client’s projects.

Our Steel Shop Drawings Services includes

We have experts to provide a comprehensive range of professional Steel Shop Drawings Services to different clients. Following are the items we include in our Structural Steel Shop Drawing Services.

  • Steel Drawings
  • Stair Shop Drawings
  • Wire Rope Assemblies Shop Drawings
  • Steel Joists Shop Drawings
  • Millwork Drawings
  • Cable Trellis Assembly Shop Drawings
  • Cabinets Shop Drawings
  • Handrail Shop Drawings
  • Ornamental metal grills shop drawings
  • Cable railing system shop drawings
  • Cold-formed metal framing shop drawings
  • Fabricated spiral steel shop drawings
  • Erection and GA Diagrams
  • Steel Floor Deck Shop Drawings
  • Rack System Safety Gates Shop Drawings
  • Wire Rope Assemblies Shop Drawings
  • Architectural and Structural Steel Framing Shop drawings
  • Miscellaneous Drawings

Our Diverse Range of Steel Drawings and Stair Drawings Services

World Estimating is a professional platform to include the following drawings

  • Structural Fabrication Drawings
  • Rebar Drawings
  • Structural Steel Shop Drawings
  • Floating Staircase Detail Drawing
  • Structural Steel Shop Drawing
  • Spiral Staircase Reinforcement Detail Drawing
  • Stairs Architecture Drawing
  • Staircase Illusion Drawing
  • Round Staircase Drawing
  • Stair Section Drawing
  • Steel Detailing Drawing
  • Round Staircase Drawing
  • Staircase Section Detail Drawing
  • Stair Section Detail
  • Round Staircase Drawing
  • Steel Detailing Drawings
  • Staircase Illusion Drawing
  • Round Staircase Drawings
  • Steel Detailing Drawings
  • 3D Stairs Drawing
  • Steel Staircase Detail
  • Steel Structure Drawing
  • Staircase Details
  • Spiral Staircase Drawing
  • Stair Section Detail
  • Steel Structure Drawing
  • Staircase Drawing Plans
  • Rebar Shop Drawing
  • Metal Staircase Details
  • Erection Drawings

Upload your construction project’s drawings with the different specifications of your construction project. Our team of expert drafting professionals efficiently review and send you a quick quote within a few minutes

Our Steel Stair Drawings

World Estimating is a professional platform for clients to deliver an accurate set of steel stair drawings. Our staircase shop drawings mainly include the thickness of materials, shape and types of materials.

Our Stainless-steel railing drawings

We are a professional platform for stainless steel railing drawings and efficiently evaluate the importance of delivering accurate and qualitative work on certain stainless-steel railing shop drawings. We mainly ensure the essential things like shape, size and symmetry of stairs in our steel railing drawings.

Our Shop Drawings

We are expert in delivering a reliable set of shop drawings to different clients with different prefabricated components of a fabrication industry. Our expert team includes a certain dimension, manufacturing standards, comprehensive details of any construction documents and fabrications.

Our Process for structural fabrication drawings

World Estimating has an expert team of steel shop drawings consultants to manage and deliver accurate and quantitative structural fabrication drawings. We deal with our clients with the Process mentioned below.

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