Augmented Reality in Construction Industry

The Role of Augmented Reality in Construction Industry

Technologies are evolving in a matter of time. Every industry nowadays is updating to the latest trends in different niches. Likewise in the construction industry new and improved technology is helping by eliminating the threats and incorrect calculation by accurately using construction estimating services to make buildings stronger with new and improved building materials.

To understand the concept of AR in the Construction Industry, first you need to have a little bit of knowledge about what AR means. Setting computer generated objects in your physical reality or environment through a special piece of headgear is known as Augmented Reality. For Example: Let’s suppose you are constructing a building and you don’t know exactly how your stairs or room is going to look after completion. In that case you will need the help of this technology. First you will create the object you want to see in that particular area and then with the help of headgear you will get the image of what it is going to look like.

What is the use of this technology in Construction?

Among other technologies AR tech can also ease the task of construction planning by communicating and accessing reality that is not yet completed.

Presenting the Project:

AR Tech can create a detailed level of elements that can be used in certain parts of the building to help understand what the project is going to look like. It can help by creating different 3D models so the clients can easily get a solid idea of the project before it is even completed. In short, AR can bring vision into life.

In depth Collaboration:

Augmented Reality can help teams communicate more efficiently even if they are not available on the site. You can share 3D images and other visual elements to your team members anywhere. Construction has been evolving since its beginning and this type of tech can help many contractors win more jobs than ever.

Safe side:

Nowadays there are many forms of scanning elements. QR code is one of them. With the help of AR supported gear, you can scan the specific code for more information on the type of material and its preparation. You can safely communicate through different types of dangers that can occur during the construction process. 

Educational Purpose:

In many of the educational institutes this technology is helping students better understand the concept of what they are up for. Same in the construction industry, AR technology can help our students learn or teach them about the machines that are used in a construction site or an in-depth view of the construction process before the practical approach. Also, they can get a better understanding of the dangerous situations that can occur without exposing themselves.

Types of Gear used for Augmented Reality

 AR Gear can be in the form of glasses or a special headgear and your smartphone can also be used as an AR supported device. Some of the Dedicated Headgears used for such technology are as under. 

Microsoft Mixed Reality:

Microsoft has been inventing some of the most used and innovative discoveries from the past. One of them is MS Mixed Reality portal which can be accessed through Microsoft Windows Operating System supported devices. Oculus Rift S is the more affordable approach for this type of AR Tech. Yes you are limited to some tasks but they can help you complete the task. Rift S is most commonly used by other gaming developers but they are well qualified for the consumer use in the construction industry.

HoloLens Headset:

Like previous devices Microsoft HoloLens is an AR device used in businesses for a better understanding about the innovation that are currently planned. Although HoloLens is a quite expensive option out there it is best suited for the tasks that a construction company could need. 

Right now, AR technology is mostly used in the gaming industry for gamers’ best experience. But business and out there are now approaching this trend and getting helped out by the possibilities and tasks an AR Technology performs. In the future, we will see this type of tech around many business and educational industries. 


Augmented Reality is the type of technology that can mix your reality with the reality you want so you can get the image more clearly even before the process is done. For quite some time it is used in the construction industry and helping contractors achieve many successful jobs with the help of better communication, safety, and in educational purposes by training the newly joined contractors.