Want to Market A Construction Business – 15 Tested Methods You Should Try?

Marketing a construction business, paying employees, purchasing supplies, and much more all need revenue. No business can survive without proper revenue. Now, the next question in your mind will be how to generate revenue? The answer to this question is to sell a project.

The next question will be where to sell the projects? The answer is by an effective marketing strategy and a powerful brand. If you are curious to know about the best way to market your business, then you should try out the below twenty ways:

1-Create a Message for Delivering It to Target Audience

To kick start the process, you need to be aware of your target audience. You should know how you are going to craft a message to reach them. We can divide the entire process into the following three steps:

Defining your target audience: Firstly, you have to outline your target audience. You should be aware of the people with whom you are going to interact for selling your products or services. You should know the age, demographic areas, and much more when you are going to target the audience.

Write a Message for your Target Audience: Now, next you have to think about how you are going to talk with your audience. What will be your tone and what message you are going to send them for convincing them to do the business with you?

Ensure Message Delivery: The ways of delivering the message is very much important. Mostly, businesses choose to email or Facebook for sending a message to their customers.

facebook, Want to Market A Construction Business

2-Hire an Estimating Firm

To get the right estimate for your commercial or residential projects, you need to hire a professional estimating firm for the accurate estimate on time. It will be best for the business to hire an experienced construction estimator.

3-Get Leads with Lead Magnet

This can really help you in growing your business especially if you are running a residential sector. For instance, you can post a video regarding “How Remodeling of House Can Be Done on Budget” so that people can see what they are going to get in their email. This will be a good way to collect emails.

4-Hire a Content Team or Outsource

Content is very much important nowadays because it will act as a voice for your brand. It will be the medium through which you will interact with your audience and will answer your customer pain points. If you have the resources, then you can consider hiring a content team. Or you can consider outsourcing your content to get the work done.

5-Create Content on Facebook

Once you have a team or hire an agency, then it’s time to produce content for your audience so that you can talk to them and can deliver your message. Don’t forget to create the content that will be solving the problem of your audience. According to a report, 69% of adults in the US are using Facebook. It will be best for you to create a content planner and follow it.

6-Prepare Content on Instagram

Instagram is an important social media platform that can’t be ignored when it comes to marketing. So, you need to pull your sock and prepare the content on Instagram to connect with your audience.


7-Write Content for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. Every person can find professionals in their field for guidance. Similarly, you can also find potential clients as well by creating content, especially for this platform. You can share your videos, post content, and comment on other posts to interact.


8-Promote Content Via Weekly Email

Want to know, how construction companies can promote the content? Well, weekly email is one of the best ways to do it and this will help you to reach your audience in an effective way.

9-Deliver Sales Pitch Via Email

Looking for a good way to pitch your sales? Well, you can try out an email. The subject line of your email should be engaging that will allow the customer to open it and see.

10-Send Set of Emails to Potential Customers

You need to make a set of emails that you need to send to your potential customers to turn them into your leads. For instance, below is the set of email that a contractor can send to the home builder:

Email 1: Details of things to expect in the home buying process.

Email 2: How to save money when buying a new home?

Email 3: Invitation to check out our social media page

Email 4: Sales Pitch

11-Check Your S12C Once in a Month

An S12C (Select 12 Cluster) is a strategy where you will create a list of 12 dreams of potential customers and you will try your best to build a good relationship with them by doing a follow up once in a month.

12-Call Your Previous Clients

It will best for you to keep all the database of your previous client and call them after a specific time to maintain your relationship with them. You can even inquire about their wellbeing and know when they are going to work with you in the future?

13-Ask for A Referrals

This is very simple and easy. Once you have completed a project, it will be a good way to connect with your customers and to ask to know about more work by referrals. This will open a door for more opportunities for you.

14-Don’t Miss Local SEO

Local SEO is a key to win and if you want to rank your business high on a search engine, then you don’t have to miss the Local SEO at any cost. Through Google My Business you can add your location on Google maps. It can help your audience to find you with ease.

15-Spend Money on Lead Generation Service

Don’t hesitate on spending money to get the lead generation services. You can spend money on sites like iSqft and Bluebook.

These were the 15 ways that will help you in marketing a construction business nicely. Do try them out to get the desired results. If you looking for a professional to get an estimate for the commercial or residential property, then you should get construction estimating services from an experienced company that has a good track record and years of experience in the field.