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4 Tips To Hire An Expert Commercial Building Contractor

Hiring an expert commercial building contractor in any setting of the Project delivery methods has been tiresome and most sensitive part of construction procurement in either private or public projects. The Tips that we encourage to be set forth before hiring a contractor should be kept forward and given utmost priority along with many of the negotiations scheduled.

Despite a large number of considerations kept in mind, one should also prioritize his own reservations apart from the common precautions taken before rendering the services of a commercial contractor.

1- Do your research beforehand

  • Timeline of the commercial contractor. Do your research beforehand for how much time the contractor under consideration has been into business. The timeline or business profile history is one of the key indicators of the success of the contractor.
  • Portfolio of projects. The portfolio of the projects undertaken by the contractor within the prescribed turnaround times should be among the top priorities of the owner of the project.
  • Project delivery/procurement settings. Keeping in mind the configurations of the construction procurement, the best in class selection for project delivery has also the risk, finances, and schedules divided among the stakeholders with least shares.
  • Check reviews. Cross-examine the reviews of the commercial contractor that had worked in the past for similar or dissimilar projects, ask for reviews from the clients for which they have worked.
  • Prepare the construction estimate/ construction budget. Make sure you have estimated the project that you are going to bid or managing the project. For this, you can have your inhouse concrete estimator, lumber estimator, electrical estimator or commercial estimator. Hiring a construction estimating service or outsourcing your estimation many times proves to beneficial and expense saving. You can verify your business in house estimates with an estimation company where you will be provided with 24/7 customer support like World Estimating or you can render their expert estimating services in expense and time-saving models.

2- Do Get as many bids as can-invite more contractors to bid

Send as many invitations to the qualified contractors as you can, so you can have more probability of hiring a suitable contractor at hand out of all the settings so far. Check profiles on Google My Business and subscribe to Bluebook, Planhub, Building connected and other construction networks for sending invitations in bulk to contractors and preconstruction services as much as you can.

After getting the proposals, select the lowest in public projects to avoid bribery and other malpractices keeping in mind that the lowest is not always the best. Lowest price can be a mousetrap or it can also ensure that one can cut corners as well.

3- Do as much documentation as you can

Document each and every aspect as much as you can so to avoid any shortcomings and fraudulent practices that arose at later stages, do as much documentation for specifications of all the trades involved in the projects with minor details to be documented as well along with the materials and safety measures to be adopted throughout the course of construction. Don’t assume that the details and descriptions of the tasks and installation is clear to all the stakeholders under consideration.

4- Negotiate the best strategy for the project

The construction project delivery methods adopted by the owner of the project in any of the public or private projects must divide the risk equally among the stakeholders with the least finance associated with anyone. For which the integrated delivery method is the latest method opted in the latest project delivery methods. The Procurement method should also ensure the least bid with best-qualified options among the contractors.

Hire An Expert Commercial Building Contractor

Adam P. James is a licensed commercial contractor in the state of New York with experience in construction management for the past 22 years. The most energetic, passionate and powerhouse of the whole organization, having a bachelor in civil engineering from Texas University. He has commercial estimating experience in all public and private projects and leads estimation department at World Estimating LLC. He is serving as Project Manager, ensures quality and reviews all the estimates prepared by his team.