Residential Estimating Services

Offering quick turnarounds and reliable solutions in residential estimating services tailored to the specific needs of Residential Contractors, Subcontractors, Homebuilders, Home Owners, Developers, Investors, Lenders, and Architects.


  • Single-Family Residential Houses
  • Multi-Family Residential Houses
  • Duplex/Triplex Houses
  • Custom homes
  • Modular homes
  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Townhouses
  • Mansions
  • Condominium
  • Home additions
  • Home Improvements
  • Remodeling
Residential Estimating

An accurate residential estimate serves as a basis for the entire construction cash flows.

For planning the construction of residential buildings, a proper cost estimate gives the idea of the potential costs that helps calculate markups, allocate budget, obtain financing, quote prices to the clients, and negotiate with contractors and subcontractors through our Residential estimating services.

World Estimating is best in the business with seasoned, expert estimators for residential construction estimating services of your project. After the thorough analysis of plans, we digitally takeoff the quantities using the latest software and consult our construction cost database and RSMeans for zip-code pricing on your residential estimate. We perform the breakdown of labor costs with respect to union and prevailing wages including standard time and overtime. The bill of material is listed in CSI MasterFormat division wise or by the pattern of CSI costs in EXCEL spreadsheets so that you can easily review and send it to your vendors for pricing.

Our deliverables of residential construction estimating services include:

  • Residential Detailed Estimate tailored to your specific needs being a contractor, home builder, owner for bidding, procurement, budgeting and financing purposes.
  • Digital Takeoff EXCEL files
  • Material Types & Quantities
  • Material & Labor Costs
  • Coloured Marked up Plans
  • Complete Takeoff Summary containing labor hours, permits, taxes, contingencies, overheads, profit percentages and various other costs.


We promise to deliver the following things in our residential estimating services:

  • Detailed estimates with a high emphasis on accuracy
  • Cost-effective solutions at market competitive rates (check prices)
  • Faster and timely delivery of estimates so you meet your deadlines
  • Reduce overheads and only pay us when you need us
  • Increase efficiency and get more jobs by bidding on more projects
  • Consultation on smartly filing bids to acquire more projects
  • Help you Increase your bid-hit ratio and win more bids
  • 24/7 chat & email support

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The items quantified in Residential projects in our portfolio of residential estimating services include items in their respective units of volume, length, area, and number.

But depending upon your needs, we cater the quantity takeoff in our residential construction estimating services based on the units that are suitable for a specific purpose e.g. for the supply of lumber, the vendors usually need beams, studs, joists, and rafters quantified in EA with a complete detailed description of nails and clips.

We generally quantify the following materials in our residential takeoffs:

Labor costs and Man-hours

Why you should use our Residential Estimating Services

  1. FastPIPE
  2. FastDUCT
  3. FastWRAP
  4. Trimble
  5. IMHS Mark Systems


If you are a busy contractor involved in the field activities, our residential estimating services can help you in winning bids on your projects by preparing your bid estimates and bid documents to submit. Let us handle your estimates and your quotes will be ready to submit before the deadline.

Detailed Accurate Residential Bid Estimates

As we have been committed to providing Residential Estimates to the Construction industry for so long, our residential estimators and Engineers takeoff quantities of material, labor, and man-hours.

Our relations with the local vendors and utilizing the RSMeans database, we employ the up to date pricing to achieve the right estimate. Our services include:

  • Accurate and quick bid estimates with marked-up plans
  • Assistance on smartly filing bids
  • Bidding network profile management
  • New project lead generation
  • Subcontractor marketing

New Construction Residential Estimates

Whether it’s a simple three family residence or a highly complex residential apartment, our estimators have such tremendous expertise to list down material, labor and create an accurate residential estimate through our residential estimating services.

Our experience with the residential builds and proficiency in the software helps us quickly takeoff the quantities to prepare quotes for you so that you remain committed to your daily site work. We are currently serving residential contractors from all 50 states and dealing in all new construction.

residential construction estimating services For Trade Contractors

Whether you specialize in small domestic builds or large residential projects, we can assure you that our estimates comply with your specific needs to win bid proposals, set good profit margins, and procure material and labor. With a team of specialized trade estimators, we have served the subcontractors involved in our residential construction estimating services:

  • Excavation & Sitework
  • Earthwork
  • Landscaping
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Framing
  • Drywall
  • Tiling
  • Flooring
  • Glazing
  • Joinery
  • Gyprock
  • Lumber
  • Carpentry

Renovations, Remodeling & Home additions

We are helping remodeling and renovation contractors for any sort of work that has to be done to an existing home. Home Renovation estimates have been a hectic and serious task for contractors to come up with figures to present to their clients.

We have a seasoned team of Residential estimators to help the remodeling and renovation industry with material takeoffs and Residential Construction Estimating Services.

Residential Estimating Services


Preliminary Residential Estimates

We understand how important are preliminary estimates for investors and developers to have correct budget numbers for making the right decisions. From single-family, duplex to multi-family residential projects our estimators perform budget estimates and show you some hidden costs that you may have overlooked to help you identify issues before it would cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. We also assist in the reevaluation of the estimate as a design or the project progresses.

Our preliminary estimate comprises the breakdown of the following quantities for material and labor:

  • Preliminaries
  • Substructures ( foundations, footings)
  • Superstructures (brickwork, walls, roofs, sidings, staircase, floors, screen, doors, windows, etc)
  • Finishes (flooring, drywall, painting, etc.)
  • Fittings
  • Services (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire, insulation, etc)
  • External Services
  • Contingency

Final Pre-Construction Residential Estimates

Before the commencement of construction, an investor has comparative bids from contractors that should get verified by a 3rd party estimate. Our estimates provide you with quality control of bids to verify that the bids comply with the market value to help in negotiating and getting bids from GCs and subcontractors.

Multi-Family & Apartment Residential Estimates

Many large projects especially multi-use family or apartment residential estimates are absolutely critical for the success of a profitable outcome before an investment goes in vain. We not only provide estimates but also assist in value engineering and pinpoint items and trades that bring huge costs and cut down the developer’s profit.


Whether designing a new home or remodel, some of the most time-consuming tasks are going back to redoing design work after an architect design doesn’t meet your client’s budget for the project. We help architects throughout the design phase. Our estimators work on schematic, conceptual, design development, and final construction documents to design estimates for architects and designers.

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Estimates will be delivered to you in EXCEL sheets comprising all the material and labor pricing categorized by divisions or CSI costs either in MasterFormat or your customized format.

At World estimating, residential estimating is the major portion of the work that we do, serving North American, Caribbean, and Australian regions. In the US, we serve the following markets: Newyork, Florida,  Oklahoma,  Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado,  Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland,  Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, Virginia.

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